Frequently Asked Questions

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Applicants must complete an online application which you can do by clicking on the APPLY NOW button. The hiring process can take from two to three months depending on when you apply in the hiring cycle. You will be provided a background packet and the physical assessment dates after completing the online application. Please take your time and provide responses to each item. Bring the background packet with you to the physical assessment test.
It depends on the number of candidates that show up for that location. We usually allow for four hours, but it usually does not take that amount of time.
Yes, you get paid and you receive the complete benefit package once you are hired. State employees are also offered access to health insurance, life insurance, vision insurance, dental insurance and many more benefits including a retirement plan. All state employees receive sick leave in the amount of ten hours per month. State employees also receive annual leave in differing amounts based on the number of years employed with the state. Minimum amount is ten hours per month going up to 14 hours per month.
An MCCD Officer Cadet starting salary is $44,080 and an MCO1 starting salary is $56,900.
No, lateral transfers are not accepted. However, we do encourage former and current law enforcement officers to apply.
Yes, you have to stay at the GPSTC during the 12 week Motor Carrier School. You will report on Sunday nights or Monday mornings, most weeks of the 9 weeks you get to go home on Thursday afternoon
After completion of the police academy or hired as an MCO 1 you will be issued your patrol car.
You may pick any Region in the state.
Once you have attained the rank of Motor Carrier Officer 2 and three years of sworn service as a MCO you may compete for promotion.
Yes, you have to attend the entire 12 week Motor Carrier School and 12 weeks of field training.
Business casual is requested for your polygraph and meeting with the background investigator.
As you complete each step of the hiring process, you will be notified of what to do next. Some steps have several weeks in between them. As long as your contact information is correct, the best thing to do is to be patient and wait.
  • Failure to have your application complete and accurate.
  • Having lived and worked out of state.
  • Military service records.
  • Extensive driving/criminal history.
  • Having incorrect contact information for your references.
  • Your references failing or slow to return our telephone messages.
  • S.W.A.T.
  • Criminal Interdiction Unit
  • Governor’s Task Force
  • Dive Team
  • Office of Professional Standards
  • Crisis Negotiator Team
  • Recruiting
  • Honor Guard

If you still have any questions that have not been answered please email us at so a MCCD Recruiter can contact you.